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Creative Expression That Overco​mes the Limitation of Language


Drawing, painting, coloring, and any other form of art can be very therapeutic. They involve various methods and techniques that allow people to channel their thoughts and feelings in a creative way. Each line, shape, or color may convey a message, which can be used to address certain issues and promote self-esteem and awareness.

Xpress Yourself offers therapeutic art programs for middle school kids and older. Our workshop aims to help communities express themselves better. This way, they can also relieve stress and work through their emotions in ways that talking cannot achieve.

Who We Are

Our community program was established in April 2018. We are located in Daytona Beach, Port Orange and DeLand, Florida and we strive to be of assistance to the communities in the area as they undergo a healing journey through art.



Christine LaPila, mental health counselor for Volusia County, began Xpress Yourself in April of 2018 as an active member in the community while networking with various agencies she felt there was a need for a service that a community based therapeutic art program that it not specific to 1 age group. After visiting various community centers who have limited resources with the young adult population, she noticed that there were no programs available or out of reach for that demographic population who are not interested in sports and looking to express themselves without judgement and counseling. 

Thus, Christine found a need for art program in the counties of Volusia and West Volusia. Through this, the young adults are free to express themselves through art in a safe zone. Our art program is based on fun activities, being social, and expressing one’s individuality. After the success of this program, we ventured out to the vision of the blind and retirement communities to have one to one experience with creative art of expression. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Xpress Yourself is to promote and empower our young community through the protective factors framework, honing their diverse abilities while looking past their disabilities. We strive to improve the quality of life for individuals within the community.

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